Application Mix
Unreinforced foundations in Non Aggressive ground conditions (DC-1)
Blinding and mass concrete fill GEN 1 S3
Strip footings GEN 1 S3/S4
Mass concrete foundations GEN 1 S3/S4
Trench fill foundations GEN 1 S3/S4
Reinforced foundations RC28/35 S3
Unreinforced foundations in Aggressive soils
DC-2 FND 2 S3
DC-2z FND 2z S3
DC-3 FND 3 S3
DC-3z FND 3z S3
DC-4 FND 4 S3
DC-4z FND 4z S3
DC-4m FND 4m S3
General Applications
Kerb bedding and backing GEN 0 S1
Drainage works to give immediate support in non-aggressive soils GEN 1 S1
Other drainage works in non-aggressive soils GEN 1 S3
Oversite below suspended slabs (non-aggressive soils) GEN 1 S3
Fill to wall cavities GEN 1 S3
Solid filling under steps GEN 1 S3
House floors with no embedded metal,
permanent finish to be added e.g. screed or floating floor
GEN 1 S2
House floors with no embedded metal,
no permanent finish to be added e.g. carpet
GEN 2 S2
House floors containing embedded metal RC 25/30 S2
Garage floors with no embedded metal GEN 3 S2
House drives, domestic and external paving PAV 1 S2
Heavy duty external paving PAV 2 S2
Structural Reinforced concrete
For Structural Reinforced concrete applications please contact us to discuss your requirements or refer to BS 8500 Part 1. 
  • Concrete containing any embedded metal should be specified as reinforced.
  • A higher grade of concrete than that tabulated for floors may be necessary to obtain a satisfactory power-float finish.

All advice or information is intended for those who will evaluate the significance and limitations of its contents and take responsibility for its use and application. No liability including that for negligence or any loss resulting from such advice or information is accepted.

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