Application Mix
Concrete in non-aggressive soils
Unreinforced foundations GEN 1(1) S3/4
Reinforced foundations RC 28/35 S2
Oversite concrete GEN 1 S3/4
Blinding under slabs GEN 1 S2(2)
Mass concrete (non structural) GEN 1(1) S2
Column bases RC 28/35 S2
Foundations in Sulphate bearing soils
DC-2 FND 2 S3
DC-2z FND 2z S3
DC-3 FND 3 S3
DC-3z FND 3z S3
DC-4 FND 4 S3
DC-4z FND 4z S3
DC-4m FND 4m S3
Floors & Roads
Livestock floors RC 28/35 S3(2)
Stable floors RC 35/45(3) S3(2)
Crop store floors RC 28/35 S3(2)
Floors & walls for silage RC 40/45(3)(4) S3(2)
Sugar beet storage areas RC 32/40(5) S3(2)
Workshop & floors subject to small wheeled forklift trucks RC 32/40 S3(2)
Brewers' grain stores RC 40/45 S3(2)
Mushroom sheds RC 32/40 S3(2)
Toppings for floors such as parlours and dairies RC 40/45(3)(6) S3(2)
Floors and walls for manure & slurry stores RC 32/40(4) S3(2)
External yards and roads subject to occasional de-icing salts PAV 1 S3(2)
External yards and roads subject to heavy traffic and de-icing salts PAV 2 S3(2)
Other Applications
Cavity infill to reinforced masonry RC 32/40(7) S3
Structural Reinforced concrete
For Structural Reinforced concrete applications please contact us to discuss your requirements or refer to BS 8500 Part 1. 
  1. 40mm aggregate may be used in mass concrete or large foundations.
  2. When concreting steep slopes, in some cases an S1(25mm slump) concrete should be used. However this will require vibrating equipment to compact it adequately. On flat surfaces, S3 (125mm slump) concrete may be specified if the concrete is to be compacted by hand.
  3. In a few parts of the UK, local materials may not be suitable for the production of these high strength concretes. In such circumstances, Mix B in the Ministry of Agriculture's Standard Costs, Part 1.: Specification should be used.
  4. Similar to C35A. Meets the requirement of BS 8007 code of practice for design of concrete structures for retaining aqueous liquids demanded by the Control of Pollution Regulations 1991.
  5. Where the concrete is subject to even occasional de-icing salts, designated mix PAV 1 is recommended.
  6. Use low workability mixes for acid and abrasion resistance. Take care to ensure full compaction of the fresh concrete and proper curing for several days.
  7. Use 10mm aggregate for this application.

All advice or information is intended for those who will evaluate the significance and limitations of its contents and take responsibility for its use and application. No liability (including that of negligence) or any loss resulting from such advice or information is accepted.

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